We understand that mistakes happen.  You are able to make changes to your order up until it ships.  To make changes to your order, you can contact our Care Team via phone, email or on our contact us page.  In addition, you can always cancel your order and redo another one.
Yes, we do sell our products wholesale.  To find out about our minimums, please send us a message to our Distribution team at [email protected].
No, you do not need an account to shop our fabulous glitters.  However, setting up an account does have its benefits.  Creating an account is free and it allows you to retain information about your past purchases.
We are always eager to work talented artist such as yourself.  We work with a limited amount of artist.  If you would like to be considered, please send our PR team a message at [email protected].  A member of our PR Team will be in contact with you shortly.
Absolutely!  If you are a member of a dance team or cheerleading squad, please contact us to get more information on our qualifications and squad rates.
If your favorite item is out of stock, don't worry!  We do all backorders for items that go out of stock.  Once the item is restocked, all backorders will be filled in the order that they were placed.



Our glitter sizes range from .002" to 2" in size.  The .002" glitters are very similar to dust particles.  This size is perfect to add to lotions and body sprays for a all over shimmering look.  Our most popular glitter size is our .008" glitter.  And our largest is our .2" glitters.
Although this glitter can be used in your crafts, it is not considered craft glitter.   Craft glitter can be made from plastics, glass or metal and are generally a lot cheaper than PET glitter.   In addition, craft glitters perform at lower levels in light, are not solvent resistant and generally cannot handle high temperatures.  But most importantly, craft glitters should never be used for cosmetic purposes.
Yes, all of solvent resistant glitters can be added to your polish.  Glitters that are marked as non-solvent resistant may not perform well in nail polishes or other solutions.  Although we have tested our glitters in many solutions, we cannot test them all.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you test our glitters in your solution before committing to use.
No, many of of glitters are solvent resistant.  However, there are some that are not.  Those glitters that are not solvent resistant will be clearly marked.



We try to make checking out as easy as possible.  We take all major credit cards.  In addition, you have the option of using some of your favorite payment processors such as Amazon Pay and Google Pay to process your payment.  To find out more about our payment methods, check out our Payments page here.
In most cases, authorization errors occur  due to incorrect zip code, address mismatch or incorrect CSC code.  If after verifying the information you entered is correct and  you are still getting an authorization error, then we suggest you contact your card issuer to determine what is causing the issue.
Currently, we don't accept credit cards that are not issued within the United States.
Regrettably, we do not offer gift certificates at this time.  However,  we can confidently say that this will change in the future.  If you would like to be notified when our gift certificates will be available, send us an email to our care team at [email protected] and we and we will let you know when this feature becomes available.



We offer a 14 day return / exchange on our products.  To get more information about how to start a return/exchange and what products qualify, please visit our Returns/Refund page here.
In the event that you are issued a refund, you should expect to see your refund or store credit in your account within 3-5 business days.  If you would like more information regarding our refund policy, you can check out our refund policy here.



Yes, we do ship to most countries. However, there are select countries that we are unable to ship to due to insurance reasons.  To find out more about which counties we ship to and what shipping services we offer, please visit our Shipping Policy page here.
We are always available to help you when ever you need us. You can reach us on our contact us page.  We are available by phone and email.
We know how frustrating it can be to see the tracking of your package stop short of it arriving to you.  Contacting your local post office with your tracking number, is a great way to locate a missing package.  If  this doesn't help, you can always contact us for more help.
It is always our goal to get your order shipped on time.  However, there are some situations that may cause a delay in processing your order.  Such as incorrect street address, missing apartments numbers or billing issues.  If you are experiencing a order delay, please reach out to us to discuss it.